Match the Pattern, Hit the Buzzer, Win the Game!

A card is flipped over to reveal a colored pattern. Will you be first to arrange your frames to match the pattern? If so, hit the buzzer first to score that card. Collect the most cards and win! 


  • Start the game with 12 colored frames. When a card is flipped over, arrange your frames to match the pattern on the card and hit the buzzer first!

  • Frames in four colors and three sizes create a very satisfying tactile game 

  • Improves visual recognition, spatial awareness and manual dexterity

  • Includes 48 high-density plastic frames, electronic talking buzzer, 50 double-sided cards (with 100 patterns to play) and rules in English and Spanish

  • For 2-4 Players
  • Ages 3+
  • Free Shipping!

You've Been Framed

SKU: PM/16

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