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We believe in two simple ideas: Face-to-face play connects friends and family like nothing else, and the ability games have to teach foundational skills is unsurpassed. Play just works, both at home and in the classroom. That's why we make quality wooden games for preschoolers, classic skill games for families, and brain-teasing strategy games and pop-culture games for adults.


We're a 2 year-old US game company owned by Dennis and Crystal Callaghan (Tree Toys) and Tim Walsh (The Playmakers). We design high-quality games for kids and families which we sell wholesale to retailers, toy stores, game stores and gift shops across the United States.

Dennis Callaghan formed Tree Toys in 1985 in the garage of his home in Turramurra, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. Although the company is best known for its line of Wild Science educational science kits, its original products were wooden, educational toys, making the launch of Getta1Games a return to the company’s roots. 

Crystal Callaghan is the VP of Production with over 25 years of production expertise. “We make sure all our games are the highest quality,” she says. “Our standards meet or exceed all international safety standards.”

Tim Walsh began his time in toyland working for Patch Products (now PlayMonster) as its VP of Product Development & Marketing. His designs and co-designs of games have sold over 7 million copies in 13 countries and include the games TriBond, Blurt, Mad Gab and many others. He spearheads the Product Development & Marketing arms of Getta1Games.


And our name? “We have a mutual friend who saw one of our games and loved it,” Tim shared. “His English isn’t perfect, so he said, ‘I gotta getta one!’. it stuck.”

It's Simple...

…because our games are fun, they are played over and over again.
…because they are played over and over again, they must be well-made. 
…because they are well-made, they must have good margins built into them.
…because they have good margins built into them, our distributors are successful.

Join Us!

Our Team


Tim Walsh

Fearless Leader

Pam Quinn

Office Manager

Dennis Callaghan


Crystal Callaghan

VP of Production

You've Been Framed Fan

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Quick Chess with its inventor, Joe Miccio

ASTRA Marketplace & Academy in Denver

Cheese Stack at ASTRA Game Night in Denver

Visiting Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Gotta get a cheese steak while in Philly for ASTRA

Playing BANX on Midday Maryland

Talking to kids about game design

Neighborhood Toy Store Day at Children's World in Sarasota

In store demo at Classroom Plus in Naples, Florida

Photoshoot with Art Dept Legends

In store demo at Olde Towne Toys in St. Augustive, Florida

Best production team on the planet


Best Mates

Den in Den for ASTRA

Sales team at Spielwarrenmesse, Nuremberg

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