The Pop Culture Game of Connecting Clues

A Link ‘Em is a riddle that contains two clues, the answers to which share a common word in the middle. What do you get when Leonardo da Vinci's Most Famous Painting meets Bart's Sax-playing Sister? The answer? MONA LISA SIMPSON. What do you get when A Toy Spud meets A Dandruff Shampoo?  MR. POTATO HEAD & SHOULDERS!

  • Listen to a "This meets That" riddle and try to link them correctly to win!
  • Special action cards keep everyone playing on every turn!
  • Includes 1,256 Link ‘Em riddles on 350 Link ‘Em cards, 36 action cards and rules
  • For 3-6 Players
  • Ages 8+

Link 'Em

SKU: PM/17

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